Mission Statement

We are the Judicial Accountability Political Action Committee. Together, we work towards correcting a flawed system. As you may have read in the opening letter, our goal is to raise accountability in the Cook County judiciary.

There are terrifyingly large sentencing disparities within the Cook County subcircuit that can mainly be contributed to judges that have served on the bench for many years. These judges usually have gone uncontested during retention elections, which can foster negligent jurisprudence.

We are not here to target people, we are here to target methods which lead to systematic problems that allude to bias and racism and thus results in an unfair legal system. We wish to raise awareness about the judicial elections, start conversations within our communities, and bridge the gap between the two.

Under the Resources page, our team has put together some research regarding sentencing disparities and other unjust policies that have can be seen in the Cook County over the past couple of years.  

We encourage you to take a look at what has been going on in our communities and hope you decide to support JAPAC.