Resources Overview

Below you can find links to research and videos describing the current problems we face in Cook County regarding the judiciary. 

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JAPAC’s Racial disparities in sentencing Report

This is JAPAC’s study on racial sentencing disparities in Cook County. JAPAC staff studied the State’s Attorney’s Sentencing Data from 2011 through 2017 and found that on aveage, Black defendants receive harsher defendants than White defendants convicted of the same crime.

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This is campaign video for Judge Navarro that was released in March, 2018 for the primary election. We wanted to include an example of a judge which whom we thought was an example of a qualified judged who shows both integrity and character. 

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Judge Matthew Coghlan

This article is about one of the few Cook County judges that JAPAC as identified as problematic, Judge Matthew Coghlan. Not only can his rulings be seen as discriminatory, but he is also in the middle of a federal lawsuit for framing a falsley accused person for murder.